History of The Showtimes Magazine

The Showtimes Jr. Livestock Magazine was established in February 2007. Brian had originally thought of starting a local livestock publication in Colorado and Wyoming in 2003 during high school. It wasn't until January 2007 during the National Western Stock Show that Lisa brought the idea up again. By February 2007 The Showtimes was officially started. Brian (20), Laurie (16), and Lisa (15) started our first business while we were all still showing! What started out as a 32 page local publication quickly grew to a 100 plus page magazine that is now nationwide! Every year we made improvements ranging from printing each issue perfect bound to upgrading from 4 to 6 issues per year. In 2011 we started printing in full color with a circulation of just over 8,000!  In 2012 we held the Blackout Jackpot in Loveland, Colorado. The show awarded $5,000 to the Grand Champion Steer. Our January/February 2012 Stock Show Edition became the first livestock magazine to offer a 3 page metallic cover that opened from the middle, and was wrapped in a special 5 year band!  By 2012 we started printing over 10,000 copies! That same year we introduced The Showtimes iPhone App! The free app allows users to view our videos, follow our blog, Twitter and Facebook and stay updated with The Showtimes. During junior nationals that summer we revealed our custom made black and white Showtimes smart comb! 2013 was another great year. We created a new video show titled Show Center that featured show highlights, interviews, and behind the scenes clips! Our YouTube videos have now been viewed by over 61,500 people! In 2014 we held the Blackout Jackpot 2! This time we held both a steer and heifer show and placed the top 5 overall and awarded a blower! Our latest project has been our newly redesigned responsive website!  In 2014 we revealed our new Showtimes Phantom aerial camera/video camera that covers shows from a whole new level as well as our Judge's Vision ring cam! We also introduced our new custom white Showtimes show sticks! The Blackout Jackpot 3 was held in March and had nearly 300 entries. In 2015 The Showtimes Magazine continued to grow with the first five issues of the year exceeding 300 pages. Our May/June issue featured a die-cut cover that revealed our advertisers logo inside the magazine. The July/August 2015 State Fair Edition became our biggest issue to date at 480 pages and features a one-of-a-kind cover! We held the Blackout Jackpot 4 March 18-20, 2016. Our July/August 2016 State Fair Edition became the biggest cattle show publication printed at over 1" thick and over 600 pages! Our January/Febraury 2017 issue celebrated 10 years in business! Our special 10th Anniversary Edition looked back at the first ten years of The Showtimes Magazine! On March 24-26, 2017 we held the Blackout Jackpot 5! It became our biggest jackpot to date with more awards than ever before. Our August 2017 State Fair Edition became the largest livestock show publication ever printed at 670 pages! In recent years we've added The Showtimes Online Store with merchandise including hoodies, caps, mugs and more! In 2018 we held the Blackout Jackpot 6 that was our biggest show to date with nearly 400 head of cattle. We had 20 states represented that included our top five Steers coming from Colorado, California, Ohio, Arkansas and Wisconsin! Our August 2018 State Fair Edition became our largest issue to date at 674 pages! In the fall of 2018 we brought back our show videos with a new episode of Show Center from Louisville! For the first time we filmed in 4K! The Showtimes Magazine has been awarded Best Livestock Publication in Best of the Barns for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017! We've also received Best of the Barns awards for Most Innovative Graphic Designer in 2016 and 2017 as well as photo of the year in 2017! We continue to grow with each issue and have big plans for the future!
Brian J. Reid
Laurie Reid
Lisa Reid
Brian J. Reid
Laurie Reid
Lisa Reid
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