Showtimes Update: June 2014

It's been a busy month for The Showtimes Magazine! We just launched our brand new redesigned website, are currently working on our upcoming State Fair Edition and are gearing up for Junior Nationals!   With our new website we will also be posting to our blog more frequently. It has been redesigned to be responsive to your smart phone or tablet. Be sure to follow us at the shows. Check back daily starting next week as we will have a lot of coverage from the Maine, Chi and Shorthorn Junior Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky! Next week we will be revealing a very cool new Showtimes exclusive product we are excited about! Plus, don't miss our new episode of Show Center on June 30th where we will be introducing new video graphics as well as something that has never been done in the livestock show industry. This exciting reveal will allow us to cover livestock shows like never before! We hope every one has a safe trip to the early summer shows! Be sure to look for us at the Denver Regional Hereford Show as well as the Maine, Chi and Shorthorn Junior National in Louisville! Pick up your free copy of our Junior National Edition at shows across the country this month! Don't miss your chance to advertise in our big State Fair Edition! The ad deadline is July 7th. A full page color is $550 ($500 if you prepay by July 7th), or only $450 if your sale group advertises! Email us at to reserve your ad today! See you at the shows - Brian J. Reid, Owner/Editor