End of Blackout


After 7 shows, the Blackout Jackpot comes to an end as The Showtimes focus shifts to making the #1 Livestock Publication in the Industry even better! With the completion of Blackout 7, we want to thank everyone who supported us. Blackout was a way for us to give back to an industry we love. It allowed us to showcase our graphic design and introduced custom backdrop banners, ring wraps and awards that had never been seen before. It also highlighted the Rocky Mountains, Home of The Showtimes. Through this electrifying event, we have been able to… 

• Give away well over $100,000 in cash and prizes!

• Award 43 Scholarships totaling $26,750!

• 29 states plus Canada have been represented!

• 4 different Photographers including:
o Big Star
o Legacy Livestock Imaging
o Cindy
o The Showtimes

• Host 16 different Judges including:
o Bob May, WI
o Joel Judge, CA
o Amanda Schnoor, CA
o Brad Winegardner, OH
o Matt Leo, CA
o Brandon Callis, OK
o Jim Williams, TX
o Josh Elder, IA
o Randy Daniel, GA
o Mark & Deb Core, IA
o Mark Hoge, IL
o Nate Tice, IA
o Tim Schaeffer IN
o Travis Otterstad, OK
o Baylor Bonham, OK

• Run 3 Judging Contests
o Over 560 total livestock judgers!

• Nearly 400 head of cattle per year!

• 3 Blackout Champion Steers have gone on to win the American Royal!

• 1 Blackout Champion Steer went on to win the Colorado State Fair!

• Our favorite part may have been our 2019 Internship Program where we were able to work with nine awesome students from across the country [Go Class of 2019]!

Finally, thank you to everyone who has ever volunteered or shown in Loveland! We appreciate you making Blackout the Most Electrifying Show Ever!

As The Showtimes comes off the biggest and most complete March/April 2019 Sire Edition, we are going to designate our energy and time into what’s next for our company. Taking both The Showtimes and this industry to a new level. This will also provide us with the opportunity to add shows such as Houston and OYE to our Tour. 

The Showtimes looks forward to giving back in new and exciting ways going forward. Stay tuned for what’s next! This is just the beginning…

-The Showtimes / Reid Family

We are humbled and thankful for the support of the following friends who made Blackout what it became…

• John Sullivan / Sullivan Supply
• Cimarron Trailers
• Sure Champ
• ShowCoat
• Golden Flo
• Travis DePorter
• CW Cattle Sales
• Frye Family
• Johnson Show Cattle
• Rick & Brenda Humphrey
• Steer Bucks
• Bauman Family
• Loren & Maureen Broad
• Lindsey Broek & the AJMAA
• Patti Thaden
• Kelli Mundhenke
• Bob & Virginia Beebe
• Roger Tuell
• Gerald Green
• Bailey Clanton
• Johnson Auto Plaza
• Publication Printers
• Cindy, Larry, Kenin & Crew
• Stafford Bros.
• Quick Family
• Streamside
• Sterkel Family
• Shelby Leonhard
• Kassi Rice
• Shane Bedwell
• Mom & Dad
• 2019 Blackout Interns
• Bob May
• Mark & Deb Core
• Fellowship of Christian Cowboys