2015 Steer Design Contest!

We are looking for the best steer design! Enter our Showtimes Steer Design Contest by April 15th! Just email your design to theshowtimes@yahoo.com no later than the 15th and you could win! It can be hand drawn or designed in a program such as Adobe Illustrator. Please scan or save as a jpeg image, then email. 1st Place receives a 2 Year Subscription and 2nd Place receives a 1 Year Subscription! Plus, the top designs will be printed in the next issue of The Showtimes Magazine! The brown steer design featured in the design is owned and registered to The Showtimes Magazine. Please do not use this steer design. It originated as a hand drawn design last April on a flight to Atlanta! It is just an example of a steer design for you to see. Thanks - Brian