• Nov10
    Our new issue is now available in print!
  • Nov10
    We are in Louisville, Kentucky for the 2017 NAILE! Follow us on social media through Sunday night! We will be going live, posting photos and videos...
  • Sep21
    Our new Sept/Oct 2017 Fall Edition is now online!
  • Jul27
    Our August 2017 State Fair Edition is now available online! The new issue features 3 different neon covers (neon green, neon blue and neon pink)....
  • Jun20
    We've added several new items to The Showtimes Store! Check them out online at!
  • May16
    Our new May/June 2017 Junior National Edition is now available online! Look for it in print starting May 19th! Lucky Strike Show Cattle are featured...
  • Mar04
    Read the new March/April 2017 Sire Edition online now here! The new 372 page issue is the most complete sire edition in the industry! 
  • Feb25
    2017 Showtimes Hoodies are back in stock! Head over to our Online Store and buy yours today!
  • Feb25
    The ad deadline for our March/April 2017 Sire Edition is Monday, February 27th! Please email your ad to
  • Jan25
    The Showtimes was honored to win Best Livestock Publication for the third year in a row as well as Most Innovative Graphic Designer for 2016! Thank...